About Us

Horizon Mastering was established in 2017 by Maxi Curnow and Tony Curnow after a decade of working with a multitude of genres and artists in the industry around the globe. 

Since Horizon's acclaimed work on Toska's debut album "Fire By The Silos", the mastering style and approach has been sought after by many bands particularly within the prog community for the unique dynamic sound and perfect marriage of analogue and modern character. A huge variety of Soul, Jazz, Fusion, Pop, Electronica, Rock, Metal, Blues, Singer Songwriter and more has been run through the analogue circuitry at Horizon Mastering, ever fuelling the passion to work with new up and coming creative artists.

As an independent company built from the ground up, consisting of engineers Matt Ball and Maxi Curnow, Horizon has a huge rapport with artists in its approach. Each job is seen as a collaboration, working closely with the artist to achieve the end goal in the final stage of the creative process. Each track is handled with a delicacy and understanding of how much it means to the owner. As a result there is a unique flexibility and desire to work with unsigned artists, so please get in touch as we believe everyone should have the right to have their music mastered the right way.

Meet the engineers:

Maxi Curnow

Before deciding to dedicate himself to mastering, Maxi had a history of producing, mixing, engineering, playing in a multitude of bands, writing to briefs, and working with production music.
As a result, the mastering style comes from a very musical place, alongside an in-depth technical understanding and enthusiasm for new music.

While studying for a music production degree, Maxi began gaining experience sound engineering for NYJO and Ronnie Scotts Jazz club. He then became an assistant for Tim Laws (Gabrielle, S Club 7, Liberty X) where he learnt how to brief write. They would later write music together, which was published by BBC and Universal Production music. 

Maxi has had his music used on Louis Theroux, Reggie Yates, Horizon, Masterchef, Sky Sports Football, and many more. 

After finishing his degree, Maxi was contracted to write and produce music for a manufactured project on a long term basis. It was funded by the previous owner of Virgin Music. During this time, he honed his skills for writing and producing, as well as working on various other bands, library music and mixing jobs. 

All the while, Maxi had been mastering for clients and himself with a deep fascination of the process, and soon decided that he wanted to understand in greater depth the art of mastering.
He then began learning the trade, getting experience from Tim Debney of Fluid Mastering.

This sparked in Maxi the passion to pursue mastering full time, leading to Maxi's decision to build the Horizon Mastering facility.

Matt Ball

Matt has proved himself as an extremely competent musician and engineer across a multitude of bands and projects. With an incredible ear and intuition, Matt has honed his skills as an engineer over the last few years and his work speaks for itself. "I'm an Audio Engineer under Kascade Collective, and touring bass player for both tech-metal band 'Uneven Structure', and American guitarist 'Schiermann'. I also produce my own records, drawing influence from early progressive music, and modern technical metal."



Horizon uses the best equipment available in both the analogue and digital domains to achieve intricate sculpting and detailed sonic manipulation, while maintaining a musical approach to enhance and enrich your mixes to their fullest potential.


ATC SCM25A Pro and PMC Monitoring

Full range monitoring paired with a custom-tuned room makes for a precise listening environment.

Prism Maselec MEA-2

Precision EQ and favourite among top end mastering facilities worldwide.


Manley Massive Passive
SPL Vitalizer Mk2-T

Famous Tube EQ that imparts an irreplaceable depth and richness, plus the renowned SPL exciter to add another step of tube circuitry and character

Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor

World Class Analogue Limiting/Compression/SFE and Silk Circuitry, the precision and masterful circuitry takes any master to new heights. Paired with our own custom built SSL style buss compressor, we have the best of both worlds for controlling dynamics with unparalleled accuracy and flavour.


Prism Lyra 2

Arguably the best conversion available, Prism are renowned for transparent AD/DA for a seamless, detailed signal path.

“I’ve always been floored by his ability and talent producing genuinely awesome work”

Rabea Massaad

“Maxi is a great guy and wonderful mastering engineer. His level of contact and professionalism was incredible and he guided us through every step of the mastering process for our first EP release. Highly recommended!"

Louis Schultz-Wiremu - Don't Problem Brass Band