Prepare for Mastering

In order to get the best results out of your session, there are some vital steps to bear in mind. Please consider the following in order to make the most of the mastering stage!

What You'll Need:



Please ensure that the mixes you send have plenty of headroom and are NOT limited.
Check this by looking at the waveform to ensure it has not been flattened/cut off at the tops. This way we can get the most out of the transients, gaining loudness in the mastering stage using analogue compression and limiting.

Using mix buss compression and other effects on the master buss is fine, but there is no point doing this to make it louder. By all means, bring an additional limited reference version if you like! 



Please bring .WAV files, not MP3s. Also ensure that the files are bounced at the same bit depth and sample rate of the original session, there is nothing to be gained by up-sampling. 


Start and End points

Leave sufficient room at the beginning and ends of tracks – we can trim them properly after the master.


Have a good listen!

Make sure the mixes are exactly how you want them to be and playing back correctly before sending. It's very easy to miss things!


Reference Material

If you have a specific feel or loudness in mind for your material, feel free to bring a reference track which is of the same genre/instrumentation. This can be useful for identifying the sound you are aiming for.


ISRC Codes And Metadata

You will likely be required to provide codes and info vital for creating a master.
Please find more info on this here: