Vital Lingo

Here is a quick guide to some important things that you may be required to provide for your mastering session. 



ISRC codes are embedded into .WAV files, and used to identify your recordings.

This is the means for collecting royalties, amongst other things. 

By adding an ISRC to each recorded music track or music video you register in the PPL Repertoire Database, you are ensuring that you will receive more accurate payments.

An ISRC is made up of 12 characters and split into four sections.

You can easily create your own ISRC's using this guideline:



If you intend to distribute your recordings via CD, a DDP is required to ensure the CD plays back correctly on all systems.

It's encoded with the following metadata, which you will be required to provide:

Track Order
Track Names
Album Title
Album Artist
Track composers (optional)

Putting this info together on a grid is often the best way!

A DDP file costs £20 to create for 5+ tracks.



UPC or EAN codes are unique codes used to identify products such as an Album or a Single that you can buy in a physical or digital store.

The decimals of these codes can be embedded in the DDP.

UPC are more common in America and Canada while the EAN are more common in Europe. 

The barcode is also attached to the album via artwork, or afterwards with labels.

A physical CD and a digital album will require different barcodes.