We offer a range of the highest standard mastering tools to provide services tailored to your individual requirements:

  • Online Mastering
  • Attended Mastering
  • Stem Mastering
  • Remastering
  • Audio Restoration
  • Digital Editing
  • DDP Creation
  • Metadata Embedding 

Devoted to Sonic Excellence

Every file is unique...
So every master is tailored, in collaboration with you to get the very best out of your mix. 

Careful decision making and subtle processing are key to retaining the character and soul you love from the mixes you are so familiar with.

How? Here are some of the things we do:

  • A seamless analogue chain means your music will run though world class circuitry, imparting a richness and depth that only specialist mastering hardware can create.

  • EQ: Using subtractive EQ in both the Analogue and Digital domains, most issues can be solved by surgically removing problem frequencies. Manipulating the mid and side signals, the scope to sculpt even a stereo mix is vast. Tube EQ is used for adding colour and flavour, digital adaptive EQs for incredibly detailed tuning... 

  • De-essing: Taming harshness is vital for transforming a mix into a cohesive release. We have an array of ways to fix common issues with incredible detail and accuracy, retaining the desirable aspects of vocals, guitars and overheads while treating any dominant and unwanted frequencies that are often present.

  • Compression: Analogue compression acts like glue for a mix, bringing everything together, transforming mixes into records. Digital multi band, adaptive EQ and compression plugins can be incorporated for incredibly accurate processing.

  • Limiting: is the final process for getting your mix to a competitive loudness, we use combinations of the best digital limiters to transparently achieve your desired preference.

  • And more... Every mix we get is unique, so we ensure there is always the correct tool available. 

Recent Clients & Projects:
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Don't Problem - Tony Vinci - Crevassian - Drewsif Stalin -
Ian King - Tim Goodyer - SGH Trio - Tad Sargent -
BBC Production Music - Universal Production Music -
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